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Italy Floor Tile

Detailed Product Description


floor Tile:1print design on the pure color tile 
2.make the crystal on tile surface 
3.burning in oven 

There will be slight difference between the picture and the real object, so everything should follow the physical sample of the factory.




Ceramic tile decor specification as below:
Item No.: New Items
Name : Ceramic tile decor
Size (MM): 1200*1200 matching by 300mm ceramic tiles
Material: Ceramic  tile
Thickness(MM): 8
Color: Mix color
Usage: Interior Floor
Minimum Order: 20 sets
Packing: foam box, 24pcs/box, 27kg/box
Water absorption: less than 0.5%
Abrasion resistance: Class 3
Modulus of rupture: 31.8Mpa
emark: The color and the size can be changed according to your request
Feature : 1.  Professional triple-burning in oven, which makes our tiles more excellent quality.
2. Multi-adopting the advanced technology from Italy and Spain, which makes our tiles design more clear and natural.
3. Nano-technology combining with triple-burning, which makes our tiles are environmental protective, mouldy resist, anti dirty and easy clean.
4. Mosaic surface makes our tiles foot massageing and anti slipy.
5.High surface luster, super strong jade texture. 
Scope of application: 1.Sitting room
4.Background wall
6.Hotel lobby
7.Night club
8.Massage center and all kinds of entertainment places
It magically makes your design to be fashion and artsticl.




1.    Checking after Unpacking :Check the pattern, quantity and size of the product.


2.    Test Construction:Before constructing, place the product onto the floor, confirm the direction and position of each tile according to the pattern and the atcual requirements.


3.    Prepare Assistant Materials:common cement (12.5kg/), medium sand(34kg/), and white cement (0.5kg/) for filling the gaps after constructing and 107 glue etc.


4.    Suggestions:Polished glazed tiles features very simple construction and can be constructed separatey or togerher with other decorations.


(1)  Make sure the room is dry, do not construct when the weather is wet;

(2)  Level the constructed surface before constructing;

(3)  Construct the tiles dry or wet, the base for dry construction shal be hard;

(4)  The gap shall range 1-3mm, it is sugested to apply 325#cement, the gaps for light color polished glazed tiles shall be filled with white cement for achieving harmonic effect;

(5)  Please check the flatness and surface of the gap when constructing, adjust if necessary;

(6)  After constructing, please remove the cement and dirt from the surface of the tiles with clean towel;

(7)  The floor after constructing shall be maintained for 4-5 days for avoiding uneven effect a result of external force.



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