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Ball Caster Wheel

Detailed Product Description


sofa ball caster 
Loading quantity: 20 to 35kg (45 to 80lbs) 
Diameter : 40,50mm 
Diameter of wheel: 1-1/2 "or 2" 

  •  sofa Ball plate Caster


  • Type: swivel
  • Lubricated double ball bearing raceway
  • Wheel material: PVC, rubber, PP, nylon, TPR, and more
  • Applications: chair casters, tool boxes, furniture, clothes racks, medical racks, display racks, display stands, sofas, computer tables, and more
  • Loading quantity: 20 to 35kg (45 to 80lbs)
  • Chrome plating finish is standard, other plating colors are available
  • If you need customized casters, please contact us with your requirements


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    Product Description


    1.Diameter : 40,50mm

    2. Diameter of wheel: 1-1/2 "or 2"

    3.Load capacity: Up to 25kg per caster

    4.Material of caster: rubber ball caster with golden chromeplated fork

    5. Can be matched with different fittings such as plate, stem, friction ring, threaded

    6. Comply with international quality standard AC AJA ISO 9001 approved

     7.Applications: office chairs, furniture and display racks

    8.Quality: Quiet, smooth operation, good strength, and flexible turning ,durable
    In use High quality,ISO9001 quality ect.

    9.OEM's are welcome

     Technical parameters


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