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Epoxy glue

I. Product Description

    This product is a two-component liquid epoxy adhesive.Bisphenol-A and Epichlorohydrin are mixed in different ratios and cured. It can be used on paint,civil architecture,insulating material,adhesive,and stabilizing agent. Epoxy adhesive can be used on metal, glass, ceramic, wood and electronic components. It cures at a low temperature. It is durable with high bonding strength,oil resistant, chemical resistant, and electrical resistant.


 II. Phyiscal Qualities 

Catehory/Qualities A(Principle agent) B(curing agent)  
Color Clear Clear/Transparent  
Appearance Liquid Liquid  
Viscosity cps/25C 10000-15000 12000-55000  
Weight ratio 1.17 1-0.97  
PHR 100 100  
Main ingredients Bisphenol-A Polyamide  
Operating time  3min-2hr   
Membrane 5min-6hr   
Hardening time 1hr-24hr    
Temperature resistance -10C-90C  



III. Usage

 1.The ratio or principle agent and curing agent is 1:1. Stir after mixing and apply to the bonding piece.simply press together to bond.

2.Surface treatment:Remove all oil and stain on the piece to be bonded by cleaning or grinding. Rubber and plastic  surfaces must be treated prior to bonding.


III. Reference Data

The transformation temperature of the hardened piece is 80C. Adhesiveness lost at 100C. Adhesiveness would not be lost due to becoming bristle in winter or at -40C.


Tensile shear strength Condition/Pull/Material Aluminum-Aluminun White iron-White iron ABS-ABS Wood-Wood
160C*30min 120kg/cm2 100kg/cm2 60-70kg/cm2 Material breaking
24hr 90kg/cm2 80kg/cm2 50kg/cm2 80kg/cm2
7day 120kg/cm2 95kg/cm2 60-70kg/cm2 Material breaking


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