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Standard roller

Detailed Product Description

Long-life Span, 
Low Rotation Resistance, 
Permanent Lubrication, 
Widely Used in Bulk Material Handling Project 







Technical Performance




Life-span will be not less than 50000 hours for normal

use and the rep;aceng ration will be less that 5% during

the period of validity.



Rotation Resistance Factor

Lab test before the delivery of goods :≤0.010

Load-carrying condition :≤0.020

For calculation of conveyer drive horsepower



Roller Radial of Outside Diameter

≤0.5mm (Length of roller ≤550mm)

≤0.6mm (Length of roller>550-950mm)

≤1.0mm (Length of roller>550-950mm)

≤1.2mm (Length of roller>1600-2400mm)



Roller axial displacement

≤0.5mm (GB≤0.7mm)



Dust and waterr in roller.

After 200 h running operation in a container filled with dust,

there will be no dust in seal grease chmber of roller,whereas GB is:there will be no dust in bearing grease.

After 72 h running operation under the operation condition of pouring water,the amount of water in seal will be less than 5g,

whereas GB is ≤150g.



Axial carrying capacity of roller.




Roller falling test.

In accordance with the requirement of GB10595-89.



Bearing seal.

Intruduce the patent of NC is of the laburinth seal with the structure of 3curve channels,longseal chamber,small clearance,

which have the excelent performance of waterproof & dustproof.




Adopting deep-groove ball bearing to ensure the large carrying capacity and reliable speed(standard/normal clearance or c3 group of clearance).All bearing used will be made in well-known

manufacturers  domestic and abroad.



Roller shell

Roller shell will be adopted high pricision welded steel pipe which meet the higher requirement of GB13792-92.The thickness of pipe will entirely meet the reqirement of intensity and rigidity.



Roller shaft

High pricision cold finished steel bar is used shaft,the dimen-

sion tolerance and surface quality exeed the specification of

GB/T3078-94,the shaft is of adequate intensity and rigidity to

Ensure the diversion corner of  ≤10.




Shaft : Accurate shaft will be made of special machining mechanism.


Pipe : Rollers are made of accurate pipe with state-of roundness and straightness to ensure well-balanced ratation.


Ball-Bearing : Optimum fit given between ball bearing ,shaft and housing, based upon years of experience. Ball-Bearing provided with C3 group of clearance,ZZ shield deep-groove to ensure a nice fit and off-set any expected temperature rise during operation by means of internal clearance.


Housing : Housing made of deep-drawn material,cast on accurate mould ,and wil be automatically welded to pipe simultaneity at both sides.Rigid and mono-block structure so produced ensures to make it free from any looseness between pipe and housing or breakage,resultantly provide with satisfactory durability for high-speed conveyor susceptible to expected big impact during operation.


Labyrinth Seal : The particular labyrinth seal structure excogitated in our company is of non-contact type,and so durable and has less rotation-resistance and long life-span as to be of optimum structure, particularly for a long-distance and large capacity conveyor for bulk material.It is approved from the testing of national authoritative organization and NC Company that Seal employ is of dustproof and waterproof type,whose performance proved to be satisfactory and has by a long way exceeded the GB and JIS standard after our repeated research and development.

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