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Asia investment limited provides the following services:
1          Provide commercial and technical advice at various stages of the business process, from sources searching, specifications determine, contracts, shipping and all the necessary requirements to complete with the best solutions. The search for efficient and reliable sources in order to maintain quality and price competition.
2          Highlight products packaging and a good appearance to develop the product acceptability in customer market either advice or by introducing companies specialized in the field of packaging and design.
3          Entering into commercial contracts and legal language.
4          Follow up contracts and orders.
5          Receipt of the goods in accordance with the contracts, observing and inspecting product matching and paragraphs of the contract in respect of the particulars of the goods specifications, weight and packaging.
6          Provide free translation service in Arabic, English, Chinese and other languages by professional team with knowledge of Chinese markets and products quality and price competition.
7          Receiving the traders and businessmen who wish to visit China. We can provide invitations letters, book hotels, ticket reservation and travel services.
8          Securing arrangements to visit factories and suppliers.
9          Provide storage for receiving and keeping goods.
10     Booking container, best price and quicker access with best services.
11     Attention during load, to avoid damage and fracture.
12     Dealing with marine cargo insurance contracts.
13     Dealing with inspection certificates required in the client country.
14     Dealing contracts for and on behalf of the client. If he exists outside of China, we provide accurate information and send photos for the goods before during and after processing according to the customer request.
15     Send offers at factory price of any commodity are requested by the client according to the required specifications.