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      Asia Investment Limited is trading company was founded in 2007 in Yiwu, China.
      Over the years we have gained much experience about China market to meet the needs of Middle East markets, especially UAE, Oman, Egypt, Syria and Iraq.
    During the past years, our company has hundreds of commercial contracts concluded with various companies and factories. Hundreds of factories have been visited in more than one hundred cities in different provinces, north, central, south, east and west of China.
    Our company is doing the best to provide customers excellent services through efficient staffs, simple system, clear and effective business processes.
    Our company is mediating broadly, business between companies and individuals from outside China with Chinese factories and enterprises.
    On the other hand, we have the ability and efficiency of following up contracts ordered by that companies outside if China via internet, as providing the company real detailed information, production processing and clear the visibility to Customer side. Deal with the contracts details and the finished product information with best solutions for safe shipping process.
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